On Friendship

Sophie and I smile with our vegan themed pumpkin.

Sophie and I smile with our vegan themed pumpkin at the college pumpkin carving event.

Time and again, I am overwhelmed with the sadness of our world. I am overwhelmed with the injustice that exists, and I am overwhelmed with a need to make things better. “I have to save them,” I think to myself. “It’s my responsibility.”

So I try. I eat a vegan diet, and I talk to others about the importance of reconsidering the way they think about animals. I use makeup and shampoo and laundry detergent that isn’t tested on animals. I read about animal rights activism, and I write to provoke thought and discussion of animal welfare and rights.

But there is a lingering thought in my mind that never quite goes away: What if I can’t do enough? In the precious little time I have on earth, what if I can’t speak enough, act enough, do enough, save enough lives?

I am told not to burden myself with such expectations. “You are so young,” they tell me. “You are too young to be so sad.” But at last I ask, if I do not fight for those with no voice, who will?

I am tired, but my resolve has not broken. This is due largely in part to the sense of peace I experience when spending time with like-minded friends. So here I thank the universe for giving me a friend who longs for the same things as I.

Sophie is a fellow vegan, and it is clear to me that in the depths of her soul she cares about this world and about the animals living on earth. She too wonders desperately what she can do to help the animals, to bring some kind of peace to the earth, and what she can do to change people’s minds. We talk about this and dream together of creating a movement, one that will be the great liberator, one that will be known in history as the ultimate revolution. We hope to one day make this dream a reality.

Friendship is perhaps the greatest gift we are given in this life. To find others who care the way we care, who have the same love in their heart we do, that is to find our way through the dark, confusing, tiresome moments of life. That is to find peace of mind, even if only for a little while.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Read Sophie’s writing at http://powerofthevegan.wordpress.com


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