The Sweet Start of a Revolution

Taken by Chloe Hull in Peachtree City, GA

The warm rays of the sun. Photographer: Chloe Hull.

As summer neared its end, I awoke early one morning to spend some time with the sunrise. A new school year was on the horizon. I had no knowledge of what was to come, only that my daily routine was about to become once more the bustle and fuss of classes and homework and consequently not enough time for connection and nature’s respite. So I savored such a morning, such a time of peace, the calm before the storm.

I was to meet a close friend of mine that morning at a coffee shop in our town, and as I waited for her to arrive, I sat, looking out the window, and my eyes rested on a blackbird, perched upon a lamppost. I felt a sudden connection to the creature. Something, in fact, was stirring within me and moved me to write the following sentiment:



A blackbird’s tremors

Echo my longing search for the moon

An undying lust

That desires only peace

A breaking of any contempt

Of all molds


I will walk beneath one thousand suns

Until I have reached the place of my meandering thoughts

The object of my affection

Now but forevermore too

Where the lullaby of the land is hummed so softly

That it can only be heard through an utterly gentle sort of transcendence

You will find me sitting under the tree


No longer aching for the unfound

Surrendered, washed ashore

And I will be waiting for you

In slumber, I will know you are coming here

As you traverse the last tired edges of the mainland


Where the sun and the moon are lovers

Where everything sweet collides

Where rivers run freely

Where feet are bare and never bleeding


The rain is coming

But it knows, has always known, where to carry you

Soon, you will walk towards the tree

And the blackbird will know he is okay when the fire rests


Looking back, I recognized this poem as more than just an expression of my present thoughts. I saw the poem as an intimate revelation of my desire for others to recognize nonhuman beings as intrinsically valuable and worthy of compassion and care. There was a reason why the blackbird, a nonhuman creature, was the one who moved me to pen this poem. That reason was my empathic inclination towards those beings who are belittled and seen as inferior in our society. My poem had a tone of hopefulness… but why? Because I have witnessed people change their minds. And when people change their minds about matters that are literally the difference between life and death for millions of creatures, that’s powerful. That’s the sweet start of a revolution.

All creatures deserve compassion and thoughtfulness, and the intent of this blog is to share the beauty and fullness of a life that is rooted in pure love for all beings.

It is my hope and ambition to tell the stories of animals, such beautiful, innocent creatures in a way that will inspire action in others on their behalf. We have indeed walked beneath more than one thousand suns in our effort to win peace and harmony for all. And we are not there yet; we have not yet achieved our goal.

But I know we will get there someday.

So love with me, smile with me, learn with me, care with me, and kindle this sweet revolution with me.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! I would love to hear what you as readers would like to see in future blog posts.


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